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3 Quick And Easy Steps To Help You Make A Style Comeback

We see celebrities switch up their fashion profile all the time and so can you. If I am being honest, constantly relying on old faithfuls often means we are stuck in a rut without us realizing it. Making a style comeback could be as easy as overhauling an entire wardrobe but the question with this is, how do you go about making these changes if your bank account is more lemonade than champagne? It could also be about polishing and maximizing who we already are because being well dressed and fierce is totally life enhancing.

Your style is a big part of who you are, and how you portray yourself to the world. You need to have your own look which expresses your individuality and not jump on the bandwagon of chasing trends. If you are about the glamour, dress up every day, the world is your runway. Take your own look and turn the damn volume up!

Reinvention is all in the details, the fine points that can do wonders to transform your style instantly. While there’s no denying that a style update will bring on the compliments, there’s no satisfaction like the confidence boost that you get from within. So, whether you feel the urge to overhaul your entire wardrobe or want to polish and maximize who you already are here are 3 easy steps to help you make a style comeback.

Step 1. Determine your style. This is a process that you should continue to do in future even if you already know the look you are going for because your personal style can change. Gather Images from Pinterest, Instagram, or magazines that appeal to your sense style. You can also copy styles from friends that have a style you admire.

Ask yourself, what colors look best on my skin tone (see my post on how to know what colors look best on your skin tone)? What fits am I looking for? Once you’ve answered these questions, define your style using words. For example, your style could be bohemian, classic, modern or a combination but don’t overthink it.

You are a walking business card, so it is very important to invest some time in figuring out your personal style.

Step 2. Purge your closet. As if this isn’t obvious (lol). If you want to make a style comeback, you must be ready to purge your closet. This is because proper preparation prevents poor purchases. Take stock of you existing items and ensure you have all the year-round essentials, a tip to help you save some coin during this process (see my post on tips to creating style while on a budget). Essential pieces can be paired with just about anything, making it easy to build the perfect look no matter your style.

From here, make a list of items you would like to add from images you gathered in step 1. Your new wardrobe should now have the clothes that reflect the style you want to portray.

Step 3. Strategize and shop. This step is about discovering retailers and brands that have your back so you can save some money. Saving money is about what you invest in and how you invest. Here, it pays to cram a few coin-saving tips.

The most important tip of the lot is that if you are not entirely sure about an item, don’t buy it. It’s that simple. Allow yourself some more time to ponder on it, how it will match your go-to basics or if it will require backup from a new purchase. Ask yourself if what you are buying will help you build the style you are going for. I often try to picture 3 outfits incorporating the piece of clothing in my head.

Another tip to use while shopping is to find out what a retailer does so well especially if the retailer isn’t in your usual line-up. Knowing where to go and who to trust for timeless basics makes the whole process of reinventing your style a lot easier.

*Bonus tip: Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize. To prevent your looks from becoming stale, use accessories to keep things fresh. Jewelry is the most obvious way to add a new accent to an outfit. Beyond the simple necklaces, use rings, scarves, and bracelets.

"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language." ~ Miuccia Prada


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