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Items Trending This Fall You Already Own.

We have already established that I am all about finding stylish and trendy ‘fits without going broke (emphasis on broke). Let’s be honest, girls love to shop, we like to look good and with every season change comes the need to update our wardrobe even in the tiniest bit. Sometimes, it is simply an impulse decision. We see a cute pair of shoes on someone and all of a sudden we are googling stuff. I like to say it is therapeutic, but some may disagree (not like I care, lol). But all jokes aside, believe me when I tell you (drum rolls please)…. You really don’t have to shop to stay in trend this fall because what you need is already in your closet.

Remember when we talked about how to shop your closet? Well, you may have to put that to use here because if you don’t wear those outfits now, when will you actually put them on? I saw this quote which stuck with me(don’t remember where). It said, “want to dress like the future? Look back into your own closet first.” And isn’t that great for your wallet?

Okay, I know you are waiting for the part where I tell you what this year’s fall trendy pieces are so you can get into the closet digging. So, I’ll cut to the chase.

Blazers: these are a must have especially in the fall, which is why I’m sure you already own a few. Blazers are a good layering piece. Pair with a denim and cute booties or over a dress and some thigh high boots. It is so versatile.

Button downs: considered the ultimate closet staple, it is more than likely you have one laying around. Button downs can be used as the foundation of your look by styling it under vests or blazers. More so, you can simply wear them in place of a sweater or jacket like every other girl.

Trousers: your legs need a break from the stiff jeans and sweatpants. Wear them with a graphic tee, throw on a knit sweater or dress them up with a flattering top and heels for a night out.

Monochromatic looks: monochromatic dressing is a foolproof styling technique. This could come in matching pants and tops or dress and jacket look (which is my favorite by the way). However, it doesn’t mean you have to shell out some extra cash to achieve the look. Simply dig out items you already own that happens to be in the same color or print and style them all together.

Plaid: if you thought this wouldn't make the list, then you are so wrong. Plaid will always be a must have fall print. It comes back around every year so don’t discard that checkered shirt or pants you’ve owned for two years now. It still in trend.

Bright, saturated colors: if 2021 has shown us anything in fashion, it has shown us colors and I love it! We are often tempted to breakout the neutrals and darker colors in the fall, and I don’t know why this is. But this season, it is all about bold, vibrant colors. So, pile them on. Get playful and combine two or more shades bright enough to pull out the shades. You could also do the neutrals and allow one colorful item to act as your statement piece.

"I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet." ~ Carrie Bradshaw


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