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Style 101: How To Shop Your Closet and Save Money

Shopping your closet isn't about digging to find clothes you haven't worn in forever. It is about pairing up pieces that you'll never really wear together. Switch it up and then it becomes an (your) original. Combine colors, or items that maybe you normally won't wear because you think it's not your style.

There is really no special skill required to cultivate the attitude of shopping your closet. All you'll really need is a new lens or should I say, a fresh set of eyes to look at, and experience your existing wardrobe. Shopping your closet is an attitude that allows you to think, feel, and appreciate the pieces in your wardrobe. Using these pieces, and not wishing for what you don't have at the moment.

Although, before you can shop your closet you have to make sure it is well edited. This involves getting rid of what doesn't serve you anymore. If it no longer fits, is damaged, or maybe no longer your style, then out it goes! Shopping your closet is about cultivating a working wardrobe. The type that is filled with pieces that make you feel good. A working closet is filled with items that suit your body, supports your life style, and expresses your mood and personality.

It's time to shop your closet...

  1. Survey your closet. Refresh yourself on items you have in there. Sometimes we get comfortable wearing some specific items that we tend to forget other stylish items we have in our closet. When you survey your closet, you also find items that no longer fit you or your style.

  2. Remove unused items. Items that no longer fit, items that are worn out. Quick questions you should ask yourself, doest it fit poorly? Is it a bad fit for my lifestyle? Is it a loner? (i.e hard to match with anything else in my closet). once you've done this, document what you like. You'll be surprised at how much more clothes you still have in there

  3. Define your personal style. In this digital age, there is so much we can do on social media when we want to create or define style. Go through Pinterest, create a Pinterest board that is reflective of your style. The more you pin the more you'll get a clearer picture of your style.

  4. Separate the basics. Separate the basics from the trendy. The basics would include jeans, black pants, black skirts, simple navy dress, layering tanks, a cardigan. These pieces are the center of every look if you ask me. The trendy pieces include a skirt with embroidery, a patterned blouse, a tweed jacket, anything in a bright or bold color. Remember to keep similar items together.

  5. Mix and Match. Now it's time to create some outfits! For example, see below:

Find a base (a black skirt or pant, and tank), add a layer (a jacket or light weight sweater) maybe. layers provide depth to a look. Find matching shoes and accessorize. Point is, get creative by playing around with what you have. you can switch plain for something with pattern, pumps for flats or sneakers (you get my point?).

6. Dare to be creative. Styling is an art, let your creativity run wild. Shopping your closet allows you liberate your sense of style so why not. Push yourself outside your comfort zone and try everything on before dismissing it.

I dare you to consider shopping your closet even if it's for a week. You'll marvel and be delighted at what you'll discover.

"Elegance is a good taste plus, a dash of daring." ~ Carmel Snow


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