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The Nonchalance of Dressing AKA Sprezzatura: What Is It Really About?

Sprezzatura, a term used by Italians in men’s fashion. At its core, it is appearing well dressed without appearing as though you have put in the effort. The trick is keeping an eye on the details. I recently came across this term and it blew my mind. I was surprised to find that there was a term for dressing “perfectly imperfect.” Sprezzatura is so much about that touch of rebellion and if we are being honest, we see this in women’s fashion as well.

When we you hear the nonchalance of dressing, it doesn’t mean sloppy. It is breaking the rules just a tad bit to be comfortable in the outfits. If anything, well-fitting clothes are the foundation of sprezzatura. You build on this foundation by styling and accessorizing in ways that are unexpected but fashionable.

In today’s fashion we see this nonchalance of dressing all around. More so as the lines between formal and casual are ever more blurred. We have seen the pairing of sneakers and suit. A lot of the spirit in sprezzatura is in creating unexpected combinations and textures, paired with confidence and a lack of formality. The confidence and spontaneous styling make sprezzatura cool rather than too casual to still be chic.

The art of sprezzatura can be expressed in several ways. Style your clothes a certain way, pair your outfits with signature accessories (a leather cuff, shells, chains, wear a stack of necklaces). You may play with rebellion by leaving some things a little undone, half tuck your shirts. Find what’s comfortable for you and be sure to follow your impulses!

Men with sprezzatura dress well while personalizing their looks and staying comfortable. Women can do same, infact we do it all the time without even realizing it. We’ve all tried highlighting our eyes with bright or smoky eyeshadow, we all love the messy ponytail hairstyle. Now, you see what I mean? One great tip in mastering sprezzatura is looking closely at men’s fashion for inspiration.

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." ~ Coco Chanel


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